Archive | April, 2018

Into The Darkness

Have you ever been punished as a kid by being sent into your room without the light on? I have on occasion and it wasn’t a pleasant experience to say the least. They did, however, make an indelible impression on my mind of what happens in those minutes/hours. I found myself focusing on a few […]

Let Not!

I struggled in the past to get my mind and my soul around God’s command for me to begin taking life one day at a time because I didn’t get the connection to another part of His equation for my life. It has never been too hard for me to discern God’s will for my […]

Losing to Win

My library shelves are filled with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge from many gifted authors, from all centuries and decades. They hold many thoughts that stimulate my thinking and open up my mind to the lessons that God is revealing to me in His Word. And if you have followed Walk With God Ministries […]

The Crossroads

It goes without saying that we find ourselves coming up to many crossroads along our walk with God. Many of them involve choices that are easy to make, but it’s also certain that when God wants to make a point with us they present us with a challenge. That’s why the Holy Spirit gave James […]