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The Lord has recently taken me back through Genesis and Exodus to do what He always seems to do in revealing little things that went unnoticed in previous reading. The story of the birth of Moses is a case that brings out the point that God uses people who at the moment have no idea of how important the role they play is.

Think about all that was behind the moment that Moses was put into that basket and set adrift in the reeds. All those involved were in their own right to become famous but their part in this event was anonymous: Amram, Jochebed, Miriam, Aaron, and Hatshepsut, the daughter of Pharaoh. The writer keeps them in the shadow in order that the light might shine on the primary actor in the drama… God Himself.

So what does that say to us?

From God’s perspective, we are all important to Him no matter how anonymous we may feel. When He leads us and we act on His behalf we can be assured that we are playing a part in His ongoing story of redemption. We may never know how God may use our obedience and faithfulness in His grand plan. We can, however, completely count on God and relax in trust, and wait for the Lord to do His work. As one of my favorite commentators, Maxie Dunnam, said: “Is there anything more difficult that to wait? But to wait in trust…ah, there’s the secret.”

There is a larger lesson for us here in this story. When we have done our best in any task, in any situation, in any circumstance, we can wait and trust the God is in control. Every person God calls upon has a part to play, whether anyone knows who they are or not. Jochebed hid Moses’ birth, she put him in the basket that carried him downstream; Hatshepsut came down for her bath at just the moment Moses basket went into the reeds and she glanced precisely in his direction; and Miriam suggested that she would go and find a Hebrew woman to nurse him; and Moses was returned to his mothers care, who by the way was paid to care for him… and God received all the glory.

This story alone should convince us that no matter the circumstances, no matter how many Pharaohs rise up against us, no matter how many forces Satan may throw at us, God’s perfect will is going to be eventually accomplished. Many times, little do we know how important a role we play as we act in faithful obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I’ll ask you the same question Maxie Dunnam asked. Do you believe that God’s will and His purpose will always prevail? Do you believe enough to wait, no matter what the situation is, in trust that God is going to intervene and His will is going to be done? Do you believe that in the meantime He will give you the grace and strength to wait with patience and meaning. We may be anonymous to the world around us but never with God.




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