What Is Our Responsibility?

Grace is an amazing thing and I have to admit that I have a hard time getting my arms around it. And that’s both from the perspective of receiving His grace and extending that grace to others; especially those that I deem unworthy to receive it. But as usual, God foresaw my difficulty and provided […]

Attention on Deck

The first time I ever heard those words shouted in my ears I was instantly paralyzed from the top of my close cropped head to the bottom of my boon-docker encased toes. As those words reverberated between my ears they completed a synapse in my brain that had not been made before and two very […]

Hold What You’ve Got

I remember one very rough night; one very black and stormy night off the coast of San Francisco during night carrier qualification. On this particular night we were making an instrument approach in the thunderstorm infested darkness to the USS Kitty Hawk and the waiting grading book of the LSO (Landing Safety Officer). As we […]