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What do we think of when we hear the words “quiet and peaceable?” I picture quiet mountain meadow, a log fire in a remote cabin or a night laying under the stars. I’m sure that word brings up something different for each of us. But for Paul, it meant something far more meaningful in his […]

Missed It Again!

Do you ever find your self succumbing to fear? I have, more times than I really want to count. And it’s in those times when I can do nothing less than what God expects me to do… remember who I am and whose I am. But I don’t always do that and my confidence falls […]

No New Words?

Once again, it never ceases to totally amaze me that I can read something in the Bible and all of a sudden an entirely different thought or understanding hits me. And perhaps that is why I love reading and studying the Word so much… there is always something new with the turn of a page. […]