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Born To Serve

The wind was not blowing hard, just a steady breeze that picked up the pre-dawn chill and washed it over the whole body.  No matter how many layers of wool one piled on it seemed to find its way past every seam, zipper and buttonhole. The fact that the moon was waning and the sun […]

Do We Have A Choice?

I’ve been doing some teaching out of the book of Hebrews for the past couple of months and it has reminded me once again just how important — critical — that message is for us today. There is so much richness concerning the transition from legalism to grace in the author’s message to his audience […]

What Is Our Responsibility?

Grace is an amazing thing and I have to admit that I have a hard time getting my arms around it. And that’s both from the perspective of receiving His grace and extending that grace to others; especially those that I deem unworthy to receive it. But as usual, God foresaw my difficulty and provided […]