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What’s your Rome?

As we get prepared to step into 2016, the world around us is consumed with New Year’s resolutions, our new goals are established and put into writing along with our commitment and a burden to see them fulfilled. However, within a short time, most of those goals are slighted, left unfulfilled, or abandoned because of our […]


Providence is an interesting word. Modern dictionaries provide varied definitions, of which the most common is “prudent management of resources.” Webster, however provides a more pertinent definition for us… “divine guidance or care; God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny.” In the Greek the word is pronoia (pron-oy-ah) and it’s odd that in the New Testament (KJV) that […]

Pay Attention To Detail!

My first day in that wonderful fraternity known as Naval Aviation I heard an expression that was to be pounded into my brain everyday thereafter, throughout my Naval career… “Pay Attention To Detail.” Strangely enough it began with being told how to pay attention to how I folded my socks and  underwear. But those words […]