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I was thinking about a verse that I have written about previously on a number of occasions and something hit me that, while I knew it, I never really thought about it. Eph 5:18 … but be filled with the Spirit I have always focused on the tense of the word “filled” (present continuous)… be being filled. We […]

The Old Testament…Really?

Sometimes I get the question… Why should we study the Old Testament now that we are in the church age? And I used to voice the same question as the OT just seemed to be a “history book” containing the records of Israel’s story… the people that set the stage for Jesus. In other words, I didn’t […]

Good Intentions!

I think the statement that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” misses the mark for the bride of Christ. “Good Intentions” are not alien to our walk with the Lord and certainly He views them in a different light! Last week as the Lord continued His current path of revealing the truth of […]

Elementary My Dear Watson!

I remember the day I bought the book. It was the biggest book I had ever added to my then infant library; The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had a fan for life and that book followed me over many ensuing years until – alas – it disappeared. I never ceased to be amazed […]