Delivered… Where, When?

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When we think about the term “deliverance” it can mean different things, but for the average Believer it means deliverance “from” trouble. In reality it has a much deeper and more specific meaning… deliverance “in” trouble, which is very different.

Many Christians, especially young believer, think that now that they are saved their life is going to be free from all the things in this world that oppress and trouble them. But Jesus makes it clear that His bride is not delivered “from” trouble.

John 16:33 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” ESV

What is so often missed is that God does not give us “overcoming” life, He gives us life as “we overcome.” If we don’t have to struggle or stretch ourselves to overcome life’s challenges we will never build up the strength we need to overcome them. With each challenge we face head on He gives us the strength we need to overcome it, preparing us for the next more difficult challenge. In other words, if we struggle in our flesh (in the natural) we will eventually get worn out and never overcome the challenge. But if we attack the challenge in the spirit it is just the opposite… we get His supernatural strength.

Yes, there are challenges in this life and we are not free from them just because we are born again. God has not delivered us from all of them, once for all time. If He did we would never grow spiritually, never mature into the member of the bride He created us to be. He never gives us the strength for tomorrow or the next day, only for the trouble we are facing today, this hour, this moment. Why? Because in Jesus we “may” have peace because He has overcome the world. He doesn’t say “you have peace.” Which brings us to the bottom line. Like everything in this life it is all about choices, and for the bride it’s about choosing to stand in faith in His promises.

So, take heart in the face of trouble and stand in faith in Jesus’ promise: in this world you will have tribulation… but He has overcome the world. Then you “will have” peace. Remember – our deliverance does not come “from” trouble… it comes “in” trouble and that means “in Jesus.”

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