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FREE eBook Now Available

I need to apologize this morning as I just discovered that the Amazon link to my book Your Life In Christ has not been forwarding the link to the FREE DOWNLOAD of the book that is offered. That has been corrected and the link will take you to the download page. If your email address is already in our database, it will not be entered again and you won’t multiple emails going forward.

As our way of saying thanks for your patience, we will also be making a Free copy of my newest book The Pathway to Spiritual Maturity available to you in the next couple of weeks. You will get a link to the book in an upcoming Walk With God Update.

As always, please fee free to pass along links to any free books to others. We all need to be focusing on our relationship with Jesus and hopefully these two books will challenge and encourage us all to look deeper into what it means to be the Bride of Christ.

For some unknown reason I am not able to update either of my Facebook pages for now? So any updates in the future will only go out as our weekly updates. Thanks once again for understanding and your patience.

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