The Secret To Jesus’ Rest

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hugging-jesusIt seems like an eon ago that I began writing Wake Up And Rest and yet the actual writing didn’t take all that long. But along the way of trying to sort out the message I kept looking for something to summarize just what “Resting In Jesus” means. Oh, there were many, many key phrases but nothing seemed to encapsulate it for me. There wasn’t one short phrase that summed it up for someone. That was until about a few weeks ago.

I was busily putting together my “Play List” on Google and I found a worship song by my favorite composer, Don Moen, that I somehow hadn’t heard—or did and the message didn’t register with me. As I listened his words just wove their way all through Wake Up And Rest. I must have played it a dozen times and each time it drew me in; closer and closer.

The key words just kept filling my spirit:

You have been good to me
Meeting my needs
I have been given so much I can’t even begin to thank you

I thought… “That’s me Lord, as I think about it there have been more blessings than I can count.” I began to thank Him for each one in my spirit and they just kept coming and coming. I could even see—especially—how He blessed me in my trials and journeys in the low places time and time again. That’s when He spoke to me so simply: That’s just the beginning! There is so much more.

And that was it—“there is so much more.”

That’s what Resting in Jesus is all about and it’s a message that has been lost on His bride. Our life down here outside of His Rest is fraught with trials, struggles, fears and the overwhelming chaos of a world spinning out of control. And we only make it harder on ourselves by trying to “work” our way through it—day after day, month after month and year after year. And at the end we still find ourselves struggling along without any rest while it’s so easy to enter into His Rest. All it takes is just a small amount of our faith to open up a whole new world of sitting with Him in that personal garden He has created for each one of us. He is there any time we want to meet with Him and what He is prepared to bless us with is just the beginning. And His Rest is one thing we are going to explore in the weeks ahead as the Lord gives me more insight in how to share the simplicity of His Rest.

And I cannot think of a better way to prepare our hearts than to reflect on the word’s God gave to Don Moen to encourage us. In them we have the secret to Jesus’ Rest and as incredible as it seems it’s simply founded on trusting in His Word… I Believe There Is More.

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