The Sound of Silence

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Hello darkness my old friend…

At the expense of dating myself, I like this song but never really understood what it meant. Actually, up until the other morning I never really gave it a second thought. So, I thought I would see what other people had to say and this comment made the most sense…

Art Garfunkle stated in an interview that the “Sound of Silence” was about the inability of people to communicate, not in terms of plain language, or international issues, but rather spiritually and emotionally (Lyric Interpretations, October 11, 2016).

This all got stirred up when Oswald Chambers challenged me… In spiritual relationships we do not grow step by step; we are either there or we are not. 

Matt 11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to babes. 

Why does God keep silent on so many things in our life that are so important to us? I think the thing that keeps Him silent most of the time is “disobedience.” When we are walking in obedience we are walking in the light, but become disobedient and it’s darkness my old friend! It just seems to me that God keeps revelation sealed up until we open it up through our obedience to His Word and His Spirit. Chambers said something that put it in perspective… Immediately you obey, a flash of light comes. 

When God wants to reveal something to us we have a choice. Either we wait obediently in the silence for Him to provide the light or we act in disobedience and remain in the darkness of uncertainty and fear. The bottom line is that God will never reveal more truth about Himself until we have obeyed we already know.

The Sound of Silence is the precursor to the revelation of His Word that lights the darkness… if we walk in obedience.

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