Three Places – Three Stages

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117 - 3In Exodus 27 we are shown very clearly that there are three different sections in the tabernacle. Those three sections also point to three stages of our walk with Jesus; three places where His bride can be found, but one that is the key to her future.

The first is the Outer Court, the place of the altar of sacrifice; our place of salvation. Next is the Holy Place, the place of service by the Levites; our place of service as Jesus’ priests. This is the place of the show-bread, the place of the Word of God. It is illuminated by the golden lamp stand, which is where we let the light within us shine for others (Matt 5:16). This is where our intercession rises up like incense from the golden altar. This is where many of the bride of Christ spend most of their time, because Jesus has been so good to them they just want to serve Him.

But there are others of the bride that are pressing on, forgetting all that lies in their past and looking ahead for still more. And like the high priest, they enter into and spend their time in the Holiest Place; the Holy of Holies. This is where their greatest desires are fulfilled: considering His character (the very character He has placed within them), considering His nature, giving Him praise, expressing their love for Him, and fulfilling their ultimate role in His kingdom; bringing Him great pleasure by just coming into His presence and worshiping Him (intimately).

Consider for a moment a perfect example of these three sections of the tabernacle from Luke 10. Jesus went to visit His three dear friends; Lazarus, Martha and Mary. We don’t know where Lazarus was because He wasn’t mentioned. He must have been outside, in the Outer Court. He was certainly Jesus’ friend but he was outside. Martha was busy in the kitchen serving; the Holy Place. She was baking bread, doing good works and even praying, asking the Lord to tell Mary to come into the kitchen and help her.

But Mary was where she needed to be; the Holiest Place. Her bridegroom was present and she wanted to be nowhere else but at His feet. Jesus pointed that out to Martha. There was nothing wrong with what Martha was doing but it wasn’t the best choice:

Luke 10:42 “Mary has chosen the better part.

Mary chose the highest calling for the bride of Christ, the ultimate and most important part of ministry. She chose to be in His presence.

Three sections of the tabernacle and three stages of our Christian walk, and they are all entered through the same door; the Cross… Salvation, Service and Intimacy. I love the way Pastor John Courson summed it up:

    1. The door to the Outer Court… John 3:16
    2. The door to the Holy Place… Mark 8:34
    3. The door to the Holiest Place… Luke 22:19

It all began for us at the Cross and we need to always keep that in our heart and let it motivate us to press on the His higher calling. But as Jesus’ bride we would all do well to heed Paul’s challenging words:

Col 22:19 Even as you received Christ, so walk ye in Him.

Great advice, and if we want to walk with Him then we need to be where He is… in the Holiest Place.

3 Responses to “Three Places – Three Stages”

  1. Anne Wainaina September 30, 2021 at 4:15 am #

    Thanks for this article, I have just come across it and iam edified. May God bless you.

  2. Sara Lang March 24, 2023 at 3:00 am #

    I have received confirmation concerning some things in this season of my life through this teaching. To God be the GLORY!

    • Thomas M Mitchell April 10, 2023 at 9:22 am #

      Sara – my apologies for not responding sooner. It seems I did not see msg that you had posted. Many blessings to you as you journey along the path to deepening your relationship with Jesus…

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