Two Times – Anytime

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317-2-timesThe other morning I was working on a research project and decided to take a break. I grabbed a glass of orange juice and went out on the patio. I had just plopped down on the chaise lounge and told the Lord that I just wanted to spend some time with Him and recharge my batteries. And out of nowhere it happened again!

All of a sudden I saw a picture of the Tabernacle in my mind, just as clear as if I was standing in the wilderness looking at it. It wasn’t a vision, it was just a clear impression of how awesome it must have been and how strange and out of place it was for all those tribes and nations that witnessed its passing. And as I thought about that my mind wandered to the fact that the Lord has kept me in the Old Testament for almost two years now and how the Holy Spirit has “continually” shown me, time and time again, how the history of Israel is being repeated today, especially in America. Then He asked me a simple question… What about your Tabernacle?

The answer came in an instant as He talked to me about the sinus problems I have been struggling with for the past month and a half and that I am facing yet another birthday next week. That’s when He made a comparison that I had really not thought about before… It’s just your tabernacle wearing out! And for the next 15 minutes He showed me yet once again how the Word of God is so full of wisdom and prophetic symbolism.

He asked me how many times did the High Priest go into the tabernacle… “I said two times each year on the Day of Atonement; once for His sin and once for the sin of Israel.” He then asked me what the Tabernacle represented… “I said it represented the presence of God, the Shekinah, the glory of God over the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.” Then He reminded me that it was also the temporary house of God until Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem. What does that mean to you?

It was if I didn’t have to think of the answer, it just came rolling across my mind.

You are the Tabernacle of God as you carry His presence through the wilderness of this world that you are progressing through. You carry His presence wherever you go. And like Israel’s earthly Tabernacle you too are wearing out and are in need of repair from time-to-time. And as your body (your tabernacle) carries the Shekinah Glory, as a priest in the Kingdom God, have the privilege of entering into the Holy of Holies not just two times a year… you can enter into His presence anytime you desire. And remember, Jesus told you to come boldly into His presence. That means you can enter in and talk about “anything” that is on your heart and know that He is always there to listen and answer your prayers.

Then He put the capper on it!  He reminded me that as my tabernacle continues its journey through this world I too have a new Temple awaiting me in the New Jerusalem. I too will exchange this temporary house of God for His majestic Temple in heaven; the very one that will one day once again sit on Mount Zion.

Needless to say I returned to my computer and put this down so that I would not forget any part of it. What an awesome God we have. He has laid out our future for us to read about in His Word. To see the errors that were made by Israel with the hindsight to recognize them when they tempt us today. How incredible that no matter what the enemy tries to use to trip us up… God has already warned us and shown us its impact in His Word.

So, the next time your spirit enters into the Holy of Holies in your heart and begins to minister before the Lord, remember that while your tent is wearing out there is a glorious Temple just ahead in your future. And until that day remember that while your tabernacle is of great importance for Him, He is much more concerned with the priest who ministers before Him. Tents will wear out but the spirit will endure forever. I will try and remember that next week when I take stock of the one that has grown another year older.

God is so awesome!

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