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Item TitleDistributing hand bills advertising Inaugural Suffrage Parade and inviting everyone to participate Jan. [19]13. Mrs. Wm Kent talking to ? [man not identified]Author/CreatorPhotographer: Harris & Ewing, Washington, D.C.Created/Published1913 Jan.NotesSummary: Photograph of suffragists on a city sidewalk handing out suffrage handbills to people passing on street. Elizabeth T. Kent speaks to unidentified man in overcoat and bowler hat, holding handbill, center.Title transcribed from item.Have you ever passed someone on the sidewalk and then a moment or two later tried to recall something about them that intrigued you but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Sure, and just as quickly you forgot about what it was you were trying to remember and went on about your way. But if it was critically important you would probably have turned around and tracked that person down for a closer look. Well, that’s what so often happens to the bride of Christ when the Holy Spirit prompts us and we don’t respond right away. The prompting fades away as we go on with what we felt was more important. We need to learn to listen for those promptings and take the time to reflect on just who is calling us.

During my early missions in Viet Nam I found myself becoming somewhat overwhelmed with all the radio chatter once you got into the target area. It was difficult to know when someone was talking to you among all the conversations going on. But after a few missions I became more accustomed to all the noise and just listened until I heard my call sign. That’s how we need to be with the Holy Spirit, always in a listening mode and ready to respond.

All we need to do is change our direction and walk along with Him, and if we keep our spiritual ears open and we might just be surprised how our view of Him will become much clearer.

If we’ll take time and spend it in His Word, God will reveal more and more about our bridegroom. And just as we need to begin to see ourselves through His eyes, we also need to see the Son through the Father’s eyes. Amazing as it is, in His perfection He has chosen to become friends with imperfection. The only way that could be accomplished was to become one of us and pay the price we should have paid; our bride price. Truly, as Matthew Henry wrote, our bridegroom is our best friend:

This is He whom I have chosen, and to whom I have given up myself. None but Christ, not but Christ. This is He on whom my heart is, for He is my best-beloved; this is He in whom I trust and from whom I expect all good… for this is my friend. 

What an incredible thought. Our savior, our redeemer, our bridegroom is our best friend. Maybe we ought to spend more time getting to know Him, not letting Him pass by without taking notice—serious notice.

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