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Pastor Tom has a deep love for the Word of God and a hunger to see lives changed. It is his vision to see the bride of Christ walk with her bridegroom with a repentant and obedient heart and a never ceasing hunger for His presence in our daily life. Without that desire, our time here on earth is destined to fall far short of His best for us. It is time for the bride to wake up and enter into the Rest of Christ... into her Promised Land... into the victorious, abundant, Spirit-filled life.

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  • What’s a Fret?

    I was spending some time in the Word. I came across Psalm 37:8 and in the midst of reading it I got a strange picture…

  • Rise Up

    Jesus had just one simple request of His disciples.

  • Do You Really Know the Holy Spirit?

    How many of us are “performing” the Christian life?

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All new! The Wake Up and Rest Series from Pastor Tom Mitchell

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  • Wake Up and Rest: The Bride of Christ Sleeps at Her Own Peril (Book1)

    This first book in the Wake Up and Rest Series is a call to those who have made their personal commitment to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Wake Up and Rest is a guidepost to a fruitful walk with our bridegroom as we prepare ourselves for our wedding day. 

    Available in print or instantly on your Kindle! Click “Buy on Amazon” to order your copy now.

  • Your Life in Christ

    Your Life in Christ is Volume 1 in the latest offering from Pastor Tom Mitchell—The Way of Enoch series. In this book Tom opens the series with some answers from the Word of God concerning who God is, what He does, and what does He require of us? He also explores what the Word has to say about who Jesus is, why He became one of us, and what are we to do about Him as we discover who He is in us. The Way of Enoch series explores the foundation and sound scriptural doctrine that underlies God’s plan for our lives through a journey that begins with learning who God really is and culminates in discovering how we are to walk out a loving and obedient relationship with our bridegroom.

  • The Doorway to Rest: The Brides’ Invitation (Book 2)

    The second book in the Wake Up and Rest Series. When we consider Solomon’s Song we can easily see the relationship between Christ and His bride portrayed in many ways. This book is a detailed, verse by verse study of the Song of Solomon, revealing the true view of bride of Christ through His eyes and a life changing view of the bridegroom through the eyes of the bride as she opens The Doorway To Rest.

    Available in print or instantly on your Kindle! Click “Buy on Amazon” to order your copy now.