At The Head of the Line

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The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable (Rom 11:29). He will not take them back. But it does not mean that we will walk in power in that calling or operate in those gifts. That is a direct function of our submitting to His Lordship. We cannot settle for anything less than being at the “Head of the Line.”  And that means that we need to stop looking at the outside and start concentrating on the inside where the real issues reside … that is where it all starts.

What an incredible joy it is to know that all it takes to go right to the head of the line is asking for permission. God wants to move us there more than we want to get there. And what a wonderful place the head of the line is. It is a place of total submission, total forgiveness, total love, total righteousness, and total authority in the One who paid for it all so we can walk in the Perfect Will of God.

Is struggling with some of the same old things worth it? Is that part of the world you want to hang onto better than walking in His Perfect Will? Are fear, anxiety and worry really that hard to let go of? Can anger and bitterness really be the answer? These are the things that tell us Jesus in not Lord of All. Because when we totally surrender to Him, we gain victory over these lies from the enemy.

The Perfect Will of God is the only place to be, anything else is simply just second best. There was a challenge hanging in the ready room when I went through Top Gun that we saw every time we went out for a flight that summed up air-to-air combat in five simple words … No Points For Second Place

If you didn’t “do” what you were taught you were going to lose, and losing meant not coming home.  We need to have that kind of attitude where Jesus is concerned. He has passed on the instructions of the Father in His Word and our very foundation depends upon our heeding them. We need to follow Him every day, trusting Him to reveal that part of His Perfect Will that will keep us at the head of the line, ever drawing us closer to Him. If we will listen and “do” what He asks then we can be assured that He is Lord of All in our life. We are more important to Him than we can ever imagine and our walk through this world with Him is His number one priority for each of us … at the head of the line.

What is the Will of God for your life? What does it require of you? I have shared this before but it is well worth meditating on

“The will of God is not like a magic package let down from heaven by a string. The will of God is far more like a scroll that unrolls every day. The will of God is something to be discerned and to be lived out every day of our lives. It is not something to be grasped as a package once for all. Our call, therefore, is basically not to follow a plan or a blueprint, or to go to a place or take up a work, but rather to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.” Paul Little

Like I have always said … It is a journey walked out day-by-day … At the Head of the Line  … with The Lord of All.

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