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No Satisfaction

Back in 1965 the Rolling Stones recorded a number one hit that delivered a profound message, but it wasn’t necessarily the one they intended. I got to thinking about that this morning as I was reading Psalm 17 and I thought how true the words of that song were when we put them in perspective of […]

It’s Not About Money?

The moment someone refers to a “plate” in church, the focus of virtually everyone in the pews goes to money. That’s what I used to do but, oh how that misses the point! In studying the Book of Malachi once again I was taken with the message God was delivering to the spiritual leaders in Israel. […]

Houdini Christians

Harry Houdini, the famous escape artist, had a slogan that completely summed up who he believed he was… I only get into situations I can control and from which I can escape! In studying the Book of Amos I was challenged by something that Lloyd Ogilvie said in his commentary with respect to Houdini’s mantra… Most of us have a Houdini […]

Don’t Forget To Ask Why?!

When we are born again, when we become betrothed to the King of kings to become His bride, when the Holy Spirit brings us into the family of God… we begin the greatest adventure of all time. We may only be a child or we may be a full-grown adult with children of our own; […]