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The Lees

This morning as I was reading in Jeremiah I was struck by a verse that painted a picture for me that was in sharp contrast to the one that was painted for one of Israel’s greatest enemies… Moab. The picture that flashed across my mind was at once both related to me personally and corporately to […]


When tragedy strikes, when life is senselessly taken in the name of some ideology or cause, and when fear overwhelms a country, the response is to ask why, what for… who? What happened in Orlando yesterday, what caused the loss of 50 lives and the pain and suffering of 53 more and for all the families […]

Don’t Forget To Ask Why?!

When we are born again, when we become betrothed to the King of kings to become His bride, when the Holy Spirit brings us into the family of God… we begin the greatest adventure of all time. We may only be a child or we may be a full-grown adult with children of our own; […]

Everything Has Its Time

There is one section of scripture that everyone, believers and non-believers alike, have heard at one time or another. But the interpretation of those words by the two is as different as night and day. For the non-believer it’s “fate,” a life of wishes, fears, worry, anger, envy, and disappointment. For the believer it’s “faith,” a life of […]

God Is Able… Are We?

Just a short thought to consider. God’s Word tells us clearly and plainly that He is more than able to “keep us.” Consider the words of Jude as just one example: Jude 24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with […]