14,600 Awesome Days

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Next to the day I invited Jesus into my heart,  November 12, 1983 is the greatest day in my life. I am the most blessed man I know to be married to a wonderful woman these passed 40 years. Not only is Diane the love of my life, she is … My confidant, my greatest supporter, a wonderful mom, a wealth of wisdom, and she is my best friend. Diane is truly the woman that Soloman wrote about in Proverbs 31: She is far more precious than jewels …  Strength and dignity are her clothing … The teaching of kindness is on her tongue … A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  

You start my every day with your beauiful smile. You have given me all of your love … even when I didn’t deserve it. I love you and appreciate you more every day. Listen to your favorite singer … he says it all ..“Look At Us”

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